Some Pixel phones can’t receive any text messages, Google is working on a fix

Google can’t pass a few days with out a few type of crucial difficulty hampering using their products. maximum currently, there was the issue with Artem’s domestic Mini recording the whole lot he said, but there have additionally been more than one insects with Android vehicle, Google Clock, and greater. The modern-day hassle? some Pixel phones cannot get hold of texts. This looks to were an difficulty for some time, even though it is taken until now for Google to respond. And until the organisation releases an actual fix, there may be nothing Pixel owners can definitely do approximately it.

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the issue turned into first suggested by way of a Verizon subscriber with a Pixel XL on Android 8.0 Oreo. He tried some of steps, such as uninstalling/disabling preinstalled messaging apps after which reinstalling/reenabling them, however to no avail. strangely enough, but, texts thru Verizon Message+ on his drugs and other related Android devices are coming thru simply first-rate. Many other stricken owners additionally use Verizon, though it’s hard to tell if that is a Verizon-exclusive difficulty since some users have not stated what carrier they are using. we are additionally uncertain if this is because of the Oreo replace, with one consumer claiming that the identical troubles had been generic for a few days at a time even before

Rebooting is working for some people, but not maximum. folks that chose to go through a factory reset stated that their problem became fixed for some days, but they eventually stopped getting texts after that once more. Any manner you cube it, this is a critical trouble that Google and Verizon need to restore. Even in a global with alternatives like WhatsApp and fb Messenger, textual content messages are nevertheless a crucial shape of verbal exchange. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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